Balance Services

Not everyone can offer expertly-performed precision balancing services, but at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment near Reading, PA, we most certainly can do that for you. In fact, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is proud to offer professional balancing services to not only local Berks County customers, but to customers across the United States as well!

Electronic Hard-Bearing Balancing

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment serving Boyertown, PA, we gladly offer advanced electronic hard-bearing balancing services to everyone.

Hard-bearing balancing requires a massive, stiff foundation where bearings must be permanently set and calibrated in place. The theory behind this balancing system is that the rotor is fully constrained and the forces that the rotor puts on the supports are accurately measured.

Commonly, hard-bearing balancing is used in manufacturing production operations where a fast cycle time is required.

Dynamic Balancing

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment near Morgantown, PA also offers dynamic balancing services for customers that utilize rotating equipment in their manufacturing processes.

Dynamic balancing consists of rotating a part or component at high velocity to determine the amount of vibration that occurs due to structural imbalances. At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment near Hamburg, PA, we correct this imbalance by adding or removing weight from the part until the vibration is reduced or eliminated.

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is proud to provide high-quality dynamic balancing services for many manufacturing industries across Wyomissing, PA, Allentown, PA, Easton, PA, and more.

Industries such as textiles, heavy machinery, automotive, and mining routinely require component balancing. With years of experience in the field of dynamic balancing, we have the right expertise and equipment to tackle nearly any job.

Driveline Balancing

Designed to endure shear stress and torsion, industrial truck driveshafts apply forces of motion without adding additional weight or stress to other drivetrain components. Driveshaft components like CV joints, U-joints, and yokes accommodate axial movement and allow for variation in driveline angles and distances between components. Your commercial truck’s drive shaft should be balanced regularly to promote safe operation and prevent failure.

For a driveshaft to be properly balanced, the torque coming from the engine and transmission must be equal to the speed at which the shaft spins. Balancing your driveshaft will ensure smooth driveline operation and help prevent the dangerous and destructive effects of an out-of-balance driveshaft.

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment proudly provides exceptional driveshaft balancing service to customers in Bethlehem, PA, Norristown, PA, Lansdale, PA, and beyond.

Fan Balancing

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, our expert team of technicians has years of experience with fan balancing services.

Well balanced blowers and fans are less noisy, reduce damaging vibration, and extend bearing life significantly. Whether this service is performed on newer equipment, or performed for preventative maintenance on older equipment, fan balancing is a core activity that should never be neglected.

Contact Levan Machine and Truck Equipment near Reading, PA for all your industrial fan balancing service needs.

Impeller Shaft Balancing

Impeller shaft balancing is vital to the proper operation and maintenance of an industrial fan or pump. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment proudly provides Berks County, Lehigh County, and Montgomery County with impeller shaft balancing services. We employ state of the art equipment to provide you with top notch service and repair each and every time.

You can count on our team to offer the latest technologies in impeller shaft balancing, maintenance, and repair. We will ensure your systems are running at peak performance saving you both repair and energy costs.

Over the years we have earned the trust of our customers through reliable, professional impeller shaft balancing serving, saving them time and money while improving their products with our expertise, experience, and wide range of technical services.

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