Utility/Service Bodies

Partner with Levan Machine and Truck Equipment for Precision Service Body Upfitting

Service body upfitting, also known as utility truck bed customization, requires detail thought to design the perfect solution for the best return on investment (ROI). Along with the vehicle and the equipment, an upfitting partner is an important resource to begin your vehicle or fleet upfitting project.

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is the expert to partner with to help you to plan, design, and upfit your truck, van, or fleet with the quality work you want your bottom line to reflect. Located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, we serve Berks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties, and we are always happy to welcome customers outside our area.

Plan for the Right Upfit to Get the Best ROI

There is a lot to consider getting your service body upfit done right. Here are two references that we believe has the information to help you get your upfitting project ready for configuration and design.

1. Outline the Job Details with Valuable Input

Along with your upfitting partner, input from the operator(s) is vital for efficient upfitting plans and designs.

2. Make the Vehicle the Priority over the Upfit

When starting from scratch, you want to get the right vehicle for the job(s). The size and weight of your vehicle is a vital part of your upfit planning. Your upfitting partner can help you select the right vehicle size.

3. Make Safety a Priority in the Plan

Safety should always be a priority. As the second Work Truck Magazine article states, “upfit partners will often offer advice and guidance, and step in when an upfit has room for improvement.”

The Names We Trust for Superior Truck Body Upfitting

No matter what your job applications are, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is ready to partner with you to match you with the right type(s) of service body upfit(s). In meeting the needs of our customers and with over 80 years of experience, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment continues to offer the latest work-ready vehicle solutions from the names we trust: Knapheide, Airflo, TruckCraft, EBY, Altec, Bibeau, EZ-Dumper, Morgan, and Stellar.

1. Steel Service Bodies vs. Aluminum Service Bodies

When it comes to steel and aluminum service bodies, we put our trust in Knapheide. With galvanneal steel construction, Knapheide’s steel truck bodies are superior construction that are resistant to rust. When you are looking for a lightweight, but not a light-duty solution, Knapheide’s aluminum service bodies are also the ones we recommend the most.

If you’re trying to decide aluminum vs. steel, the Levan Machine and Truck Equipment team will help you make sure you select the right material for your commercial upfit solution(s).

2. Platform Bodies

Platform bodies are critical to those tough jobs that require strength and endurance. We’re proud to offer our customers across different industries with multiple platform body solutions from the manufacturers we’re proud to sell, service and warranty.

3. Dump Bodies

When you need a dump body, we carry Airflo, TruckCraft, EZ-Dumper, Knapheide, and Bibeau, and we’re confident they will get your job done right with efficient operation, no matter the work performance demands.

4. Landscape Bodies

Both Knapheide and Morgan offer the cut-above landscape body solutions that we are proud to carry. You will see that these are not your standard landscaper bodies.

5. Crane Bodies

Along with the strength built into Knapheide mechanic crane body solutions, Stellar brings the latest in innovation to get jobs done quicker with remarkable efficiency. We will direct you to the one that is the best solution for the job requirements.

Van Upfitting Solutions for Any Challenge

We have several manufacturing choices that can turn any van into the best work solution you can imagine. We can help you overcome any challenge you or your operators are facing.

Truck and Van Service Body Drawers and Organization

We configure work trucks with drawers and organizational accessories that fit any industry, including open and closed options. We’re always happy to fabricate a storage system that delivers the most efficiency for any job.

Additional Solutions for Complete Upfitting

From lights to mobile power solutions, we have a wide variety of products that will upfit your vehicle and complete the design your service vehicles require.

Partner with Levan Machine and Truck Equipment

We welcome your call or visit to learn more about partnering with our team at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment for any commercial vehicle upfitting. We are your one-stop-shop for helping you design the right service body upfit, and we’re here to do the installation, help you keep your vehicle(s) serviced, and handle all the warranty work.

Our goal is to be your partner for the life of your truck, van, or fleet. Whether you have a vehicle or a fleet that requires upfitting, or you’re starting at the drawing board, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is here to partner with you to get the job done right with expert precision.