Dump Bodies

Dump Bed Inserts For Your Pickup Truck

If you have a pickup truck for the ease of loading and hauling, but don’t have a dump bed insert, then you’re not using your truck to its full potential. Dump trucks are expensive! It is more cost-effective to invest in an insert for your pickup than to rent or buy a dump truck. It also enhances your workload by maximizing the amount your truck can hold and saving time while the truck replaces all the heavy-labor in dumping. The demand for dump trucks is growing substantially due to a rise in government expenditure on infrastructure and transportation and is predicted to increase significantly more by 2026. Don’t miss out on all the business opportunities in Reading city and surrounding areas – get a pickup truck dump bed insert installed.

What's the best dump body insert for my pickup?

Two brands on the market are continually growing in popularity for their beneficial features and individual expertise — TruckCraft and EZ-Dumper. Each brand is advantageous in its own way, depending on the job you need it for.


Among the inserts TruckCraft features, their Magnum insert is top of the line and durable. Outside an occasional washing, daily maintenance checks for debris, and checking the hydraulic fluid level twice a year, Magnum is promised to be built with little maintenance and many durabilities to fit your needs.

Options come in Steel and Aluminum.


A big advantage of this steel insert is it’s lighter than most but equal in strength.

Some more key features:

  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 2 models – fit standard 8′ bed, or short-bed pickups ( 6 1/2′)
  • 6,200 lb. dump capacity
  • 2.5 Cubic Yard capacity (5+ Yd. with sideboards)
  • 48.5″ x 99″ Cargo area
  • 12-volt MONARCH HYDRAULICS™ Electro-Hydraulic system
  • 47-degree dump angle
  • Powder-coat Finish
  • Two welded stake pockets on front bulkhead, 8 on sides with tie-down rail
  • Dumper weight- 6 1/2′- 558lbs, 8′- 632lbs
  • 2 to 4-hour installation

If TruckCraft caught your eye, but you’re looking for something a little different from Magnum, check out other features such as TC-121 ULTRA ALUMINUM DUMP INSERT, TC-121S ULTRA ALUMINUM SHORTY, and TC-150 LEAF TOPPER.

EZ dump bed inserts are known for dependable hydraulic dump inserts that have helped teams save time, reduce costs, and improve productivity and job site efficiency.

Options come in Steel and Stainless Steel.


Some key features of an EZ dump insert:

  • 6,000lb Lift Capacity
  • 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Floor
  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Sides
  • Expansion Stake Pockets (outside)
  • Full-length Flat Bar Rub Rails
  • Natural Stainless Steel Finish
  • Removable, Double-acting Tailgate Lets You Dump, Then Spread What You Dump
  • Full Front-to-Tailgate, Parts and Labor Two-Year Warranty
  • Fits Most Full-Size Trucks
  • 2 to 3-hour installation
  • 8′ beds fit most standard pickup trucks
  • 6′ beds fit most short-bed trucks
  • Custom service options usually available

When should I replace my dump bed insert?

It’s important to keep your dump bed inserts up-to-date for the safety of all individuals working with/around your dump bed. Dump bed inserts are heavy-duty and great for hard work, but precautions should always be taken to keep everyone safe.

Are you seeing Rust?

If you notice your truck dump bed insert has significant corrosion and deterioration, then it is time to make a replacement. Rust is typically a slow-spreading disease to metal, but water and salt exposure can quickly create a bigger rust problem. When you begin noticing significant damage, it’s important to upgrade to avoid the dangerous consequences of doing heavy-duty work with corroding equipment.

Most dump bed inserts made today are coated with galvanized steel or aluminum to prevent rusting. If your dump bed is older or unprotected, rust can begin as early as in the first year. Upgrading will be more cost-effective and lead to a longer lifespan of your dump bed insert.

Are you having operational problems or constant repairs?

If you’re putting more money into your dump bed than it is worth, then it is time to upgrade. Not only is it a pain to get repairs often, but it can become hazardous if your bed isn’t operating at its best. Occasional repairs are expected, but if it becomes a common occurrence, you should invest in an upgrade to save money down the road and keep everyone involved safe.

Is your dump bed suitable for your projects?

Another possibility is that your pickup bed dump insert isn’t adequate for the projects you have in mind. Cutting corners and hauling more than your dump bed insert can handle will damage the insert and the truck, but more importantly, it poses a genuine threat to the people working with it. They’re great additions to trucks for more efficient workloads, but with it comes a lot of responsibility and safety measures.

Where to get a truck bed dump body installed?

If you’re sick of unloading your truck by hand, it’s time to get to Levan Machine and Truck Equipment Shop and get a pickup bed dump insert. In need of replacement dump bodies? We’ve got you covered too!

If you’re looking for a TruckCraft or EZ-Dump insert for sale, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment Shop has all the hookups you need for a quick purchase and installation so you can service popular areas in and around Berks county right away. You no longer have to work harder to get the job done; work smarter with a Pickup Truck Dump Bed insert.

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