If you’re in the Lehigh Valley region and looking for a basic truck platform, or even a hybrid service/platform solution, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment offers plenty of possibilities toward choosing a gooseneck build. Though gooseneck bodies may appear like they’re used for pretty straightforward applications, there’s quite a bit of complexity when it comes to designing and choosing your gooseneck. Gooseneck truck bodies are for the heavy day-to-day hauling industries that include work for farmers, miners, and similar professionals with heavy loads.

Merging the hauling performance of a gooseneck with the storage options of a specialized truck body gives you an innovative solution that’s ready for any job. Our gooseneck body distributes the payload weight over the rear axle, helping you to haul more weight while also providing ultimate trailer security and peace of mind.

Black truck with gooseneck on snowy background
Dark red truck with gooseneck on farm background

Steel And Aluminum Goosenecks

Though steel gooseneck designs have often been the industry standard, aluminum bodies have become more in demand in recent years thanks to their effective combination of corrosion resistance, lightweight durability, and overall strength.

If your work involves dealing with corrosive material, aluminum is an ideal material as it’s very corrosion-resistant. Likewise, if your profession involves a lot of heavy-duty hauling, it might be best to consider aluminum for its lighter weight and plethora of payload capabilities.

One of the central advantages of choosing steel over aluminum is the price. If you’re on a tighter work truck budget, a steel gooseneck body will usually give you a lower price up front. Steel isn’t as corrosion resistant as aluminum but when properly protected it can maintain a long and useful lifespan.

Gooseneck Body Type

Beyond choosing the best material for your gooseneck, you should also consider the type of labor you’ll be doing and which gooseneck body is best for those needs. There are a wide range of levels with goosenecks that range from standard platforms with a built-in gooseneck hitch to fully-contented hybrid gooseneck/service configurations.

If your work needs solutions for easy hauling and trailer towing and not a lot of additional tools, then a standard gooseneck platform is likely the most cost-effective option. In addition to usually being the cheapest choice, basic gooseneck setups can be lighter and offer the most payload over time.

For work that benefits from more storage, there are gooseneck designs that include over-or-under body storage areas to ensure tools and equipment are secure and accessible. What’s more, these bodies can include side skirting and wheel wells for a stylish design and greater protection.

For work that needs more than just a toolbox set of equipment, there are also gooseneck bodies that provide full side compartments, much like a service body, for extreme storage wherever ambition takes you.

Industries We Serve

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is proud to work with customers across a wide range of metal-working and machining industries, not only in the Greater Lehigh Valley area, but across the world in places like the United States, Europe, Mexico, and South America. A few industries we serve include:

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