Frame Alterations

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, there is no problem that we can’t solve. Our team of highly skilled mechanics is ready to tackle all of your commercial truck needs. No matter the alteration, there is no better service provider in Berks County than right here at Levan Machine.

To get the job done right, you need strong and sturdy tools. A commercial truck is a valuable tool that must be maintained and modified to keep it in top shape. Trucks are not “one size fits all” type equipment. To perform jobs most productively and effectively, some trucks need to be altered to fit specific needs. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment can tackle any truck alteration in Lehigh County.

Framework is no laughing matter. We take your needs seriously. Whether it’s minor frame repair or a complete frame overhaul, Levan Machine is happy to provide quality service to the Greater Reading area. With expert knowledge and specific tools, we are ready and waiting to get our hands dirty with any frame alterations your commercial truck may need.

Frame Lengthening and Shortening

There are many standard trucks frames used regularly throughout the trucking industry. However, even the best commercial vehicles need modifying for certain jobs. This is to ensure that only the best equipment is used for safety and efficiency standards. When this happens, our experts at Levan Machine know exactly what to do to make your truck perfect for any special circumstance.

It is common practice for commercial trucks to undergo frame lengthening and/or shortening for certain situations. For example, increasing or decreasing a truck’s wheelbase can be achieved by lengthening or shortening its frame. Modifying the frame can also allow commercial trucks to carry larger loads. These types of frame alterations are complex and require the type of high-level engineering that can only be found at Levan Machine. From Sinking Spring to Morgantown, our team is committed to going above and beyond industry standards for your projects.

Huck Bolt Fastening System

We only use the best tools for our customers. This means that only the strongest and most reliable equipment is incorporated into any frame alteration that we take on. The Huck Bolt Fastening System utilizes the best materials to create high-performing, vibration-resistant fasteners that solve any welding problem.

Levan Machine uses Huck bolts because we know that quality trumps everything else. With multiple types of bolts available, from the heavy-duty C5OL to the Magna-Grip, we have everything we need to make sure that all frame alterations will be completed to the highest of standards. Huck bolts are the best fasteners available in Berks County because they are the safest, most efficient fasteners on the market. Easily installed and modified, Huck bolts are the top choice for frame alterations by upholding the integrity of your commercial truck frame.


All commercial trucks must be inspected and certified regularly. This is to ensure that environmental and safety standards are being upheld. Commercial truck drivers and providers run the risk of damaging the integrity of their trucks when frame alterations are done poorly. Rest easy with the knowledge that your projects are in good hands at Levan Machine.

No other machine shop in the Greater Reading area cares more about your projects than we do. That’s why we only employ the best mechanics to work on your commercial vehicles. Our expert team uses passion and knowledge to bring frame modifications up to industry standards. You won’t find a bolt out of place when you trust Levan Machine and Truck Equipment with your frame alterations. Every change is made to the highest of accuracy to maintain safety and efficiency requirements on every truck that comes through our shop.

No one else measures up like Levan Machine when your truck needs customizing. We are the machine shop of choice for all truck maintenance and repair, including frame alterations. There is no project too difficult for us to handle. To get the job done right, let our master mechanics modify your commercial truck with the best tools and equipment in the Reading area. Customizing your commercial truck has never been easier than it is with Levan Machine and Truck Equipment. Request a quote today and let us know how we can help with your frame alteration needs.

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