Snowplow Installation For Personal and Work Trucks

Plowing snow is more than a thriving business, it’s also vital to help community members travel safely from place to place. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment understands Berks County winters can be brutal, so we’re here to equip your truck with all of your snow removal needs, from snowplows to salt spreaders. We can help you find the snowplow that’s best for you and install it to your truck, so you’re ready to get to work before the snow begins to fall.

Large snow plow on white work truck

Matching Your Truck to the Correct Snowplow

When it comes to installing a snowplow, it’s important to make sure you’re installing the proper snowplow for your specific truck. Oftentimes, when people buy a snowplow from a private seller, they don’t know if it’s the right snowplow for their personal truck. Taking this chance can be a costly mistake as mounting a plow that’s too heavy for your pickup truck can cause steering issues and lead to an overloaded front axle.

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is your professional Lehigh County snowplow resource. When you’re ready to find a snowplow to install on your truck, make sure you can provide us with the vehicle make, model, and year. You’ll also want to have the following information handy:

  • Engine Type
  • Drive Train
  • Body Style

By providing us with all of the necessary information, we can help you find and install the snowplow that properly fits your truck.

BOSS 28" pusher shovel

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Finding the Right Snowplow

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment provides a wide selection of snowplows to choose from in the Reading, PA area, including BOSS Snowplows and Henke. Whether you’re looking to expand your snowplow fleet or this will be your first winter plowing, we can help you get your snowplow properly set up before the first snowfall. Also keep in mind that if you recently got a new truck, it may need a different snowplow than the one you were using last season.

For those looking to remove snow from their own driveway as well as their neighbors and friends, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment can install a 7’ or 7’6” straight blade plow. If you’re looking to conduct snow removal services commercially, we’d recommend at least an 8’ snowplow. The larger snowplows are much better suited for parking lots, side roads, and long driveways. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment can get your business fleet set up right with your choice of straight plows, boxed plows, or V-plows, so no matter how deep the snow, you’ll be able to plow through.

Types of Snowplows

Find the best snowplow for your truck or ATV at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment! We can install straight snowplows, V-snowplows, or boxed snowplows. While straight snowplows can remove snow just as well as V-snowplows, the V-snowplow will help cut through those icy Montgomery County storms with a little more ease.

Looking for a certain snowplow material? Levan Machine and Truck Equipment sells poly snowplows as well as steel snowplows. Installing a poly-snowplow will ensure slickness, so the snow doesn’t stick to the plow, and you won’t have to worry about rust or dents. Installing a steel snowplow has been the standard for decades and proved it’s tough enough to weather any northeastern Pennsylvania storm. It is important to keep in mind that while steel plows are treated to prevent corrosion, you will eventually experience rusting along with dents and scratches.

Used Snowplow vs. New Snowplow: Does it Matter?

Buying a snowplow used may seem like a cheaper solution, but that isn’t always the case. When you shop at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment for your snowplow needs, you get to address any concerns or questions you may have with a professional. We can ensure you’re getting the proper equipment for your truck and installing it properly. A private seller may know it was a great plow for their personal truck, but they will have no idea if it’s the proper size for your truck. Taking this risk could lead to expensive repairs on your truck.

Building Relationships

Installing the right snowplow on your truck is the just the beginning of a great relationship. Through every Allentown storm, if an issue arises, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment will help you through it. Not only can we help service and repair your snowplow, but we can also serve as your local guide to help answer any questions you may have along the way.

Installing Snowplows

Not sure where to buy a snowplow for your truck? Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is the go-to snowplow dealer for the Lehigh Valley area! We’ll have your truck ready for the next winter storm in no time. We’ll help you select the snowplow that’s best for your truck and snow removal needs, and we’ll be here for you in case you ever need it serviced.

Don’t wait for the first snowfall. Visit Levan Machine and Truck Equipment today! Our snowplow dealer and service center proudly serves the Easton area and beyond. We understand your community relies on you to keep their roads, driveways, and businesses accessible, that’s why we sell and install the best snow equipment for your truck with 24-hour services available.

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