Food Grade Machining Services in Berks County

When it comes to the machines that you use in your industry, you always want to know that you’re working with high-quality, well-maintained tools and equipment. Everyone does! However, when you’re in the food industry, your standards are even higher, and for good reason. The safety and satisfaction of your customers and the ability for you and your team members to get your jobs done relies heavily on your equipment, and you need it to be up to par, especially to fit the rigid FDA standards and other guidelines that you must meet.

Here at Levan Machine and Truck equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to service the food industry with high-quality, food grade machining. With many years of experience working with small and large food-industry customers, including fabricating and producing parts for companies in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and South America, we know the needs of this industry inside and out, whether you’re a processing facility, a production plant, or some other niche. From a single part to custom building entire food processing equipment, we’re ready to be your first call when a need arises.

Food Equipment Systems and Parts Repaired

At all levels of the food industry, there is a wide variety of different types and varieties of equipment that tend to need repair and parts replacements over time as things wear out with use or other damage. Freezers and refrigerators, mixers and blenders, compressors, packers, washing and purification systems, grinders, liquid processing systems, and so much more– it all requires the specialized hand of expert technicians who know how to handle food processing equipment, and that’s just what you can find here at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment. WIth high precision work and offerings like CNC machining capabilities, we can help you with everything from simple repairs to finding complex parts.

Processing and Packaging Equipment Serviced

Mechanical or computer-controlled, metal or plastic, all machinery and equipment needs regular servicing and maintenance in order to stay in good condition, and this includes the food processing and production industries. You can’t trust the quality of your machinery to just anyone– the purity and performance of your equipment needs to be top notch in order for you to get your job done right. Whether you’re processing raw ingredients like dairy or you’re turning those materials into finished food and beverage products ready for the shelves, the restaurant, or the plate, the team at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment has the knowledge and experience to keep the equipment you rely on functioning properly for many years to come.

Food-Contact Quality Machining

From the FDA and the USDA to the CGMP, the list of official standards that your facility and machinery need to meet is long and detailed, and at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, adhering to those guidelines is just another day’s work for us. Keeping up to safety standards for the sake of both your team members and your customers is of the utmost importance, and when you come to us for machining on your equipment, you can count on us to make your priorities our priorities! We’ll work with you throughout the process of servicing, repairing, or maintaining your equipment to ensure FDA compliance and all other types of compliance at every stage, so that contact with food is always safe, clean, and reliable in your facility.

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, providing food grade machining services is just one of our areas of expertise, and we’re ready to provide that experience and knowledge to you! You can contact us here to learn more. Some of our past and current customers include the following companies.

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