Stake Truck Bodies

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, we build the best stake bodies and can fit them to any specifications you need in the Lehigh Valley region. We often start by using top-grade steel or Knapheide aluminum for the truck body, and then work with customers to determine the best length, floor, section material, and a wide range of other configurable details. We are an industry leader in truck design and maintenance, and we can design and personalize the whole truck body for exactly the service you need.

Stake body trucks are a great choice for many professionals because they’re more removable and customizable than other truck bodies. Stake trucks share a lot with flatbeds, but they are built with sockets along the edges of the bed designed to securely hold upright stakes to form a container or fence area around the back of the truck. Such helps teams secure cargo loads by creating a protective wall or fence around equipment. This design helps stake trucks adapt their storage areas between loads, making them uniquely useful for work in agriculture, landscaping, and more. This allows teams to anchor down cargo and create a protective wall or fence around equipment.

Our Quality Service

Choosing to work with Levan Machine and Truck Equipment provides several advantages. We set ourselves apart from other truck and machine shops with our commitment to offering the installation and services needed to give your rig a long and quality-driven lifespan. While many of our customers in the Reading, PA area may think this is the industry standard, feel free to ask other vendors about the maintenance services they offer, including warranty work. Their responses might surprise you!

If you need a stake upfit for your truck toward extra storage or specialized functionality, there are plenty of choices. Our team can guide you through all of our vehicle upfitting specifications and help you determine the right options for your needs. For example, not all stake truck bodies offer the same cargo weight or size capacities, so it’s important to dig into the details for the work you need to accomplish to better understand which truck upfitting options are best for you.

Industries That Benefit From Stake Body Trucks

Stake truck bodies are made with multiple industries in mind, including for landscapers, contractors, maintenance crews, and many others. You can elect for a flatbed or rack design depending on what you need for the task at hand, and then you can consider any accessories for it, like a liftgate, cargo restraints, toolboxes, and more. If you’re working in the Eastern PA region, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information about stake body trucks!

Common Industries We Serve

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is honored to work closely with customers across a wide range of metal-working and machining industries, not only in the Greater Lehigh Valley area, but across the world in places like the United States, Europe, Mexico, and South America. A few industries we serve include:

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