EZ-Dumper Truck Dump Bed Inserts For Your Vehicle

There’s a reason you went for a pickup truck: simply stated, they’re versatile and essential for many independent business owners and operators. What’s even better about your truck is the fact that you can just as easily convert it into a hydraulic dump truck with an EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert. These inserts come in different materials and multiple sizes, meaning it will fit most major truck models; if you wish, you can even customize your own EZ-Dumper® dump bed to satisfy specific commercial and personal needs.

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, we are experts in all things related to commercial trucking and machinery. If your first question is, “Where in Berks, Lehigh, or Montgomery counties can I find the most reliable and expert installer of an EZ-Dumper® for my pickup truck?”, your answer is, “Right here at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment!” This is because not only are we authorized resellers for the EZ-Dumper® dump bed, but because we also sell and install more of these than any other company in Berks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties.

Selecting the Right EZ-Dumper® Truck Bed Insert

The reason we chose to represent and sell EZ-Dumper® truck bed inserts is because of the reputation of the company and the quality of their products. For instance, when choosing your own EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert, you can select either a steel or stainless steel dump insert. But you can go a step further if you want, and end up with a custom service body dump insert.

In any case, you have the choice of performing a self-install or have our expert and friendly staff complete the installation for you in just a few hours. If you think the installation is quick and easy, you will be extra delighted over the incredibly smooth and easy functionality of your new EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert. Emptying loads of material, trash, or other matter from your truck bed becomes as simple as opening your tailgate and pressing a button.

Not only are you liberated from manual labor, you are also reducing your overall worker risks by automating the dumping of truck bed materials instead of risking worker injuries with its two-edged costs of lost labor and paid sick leave. Not only are your workers safer, but jobs are more efficiently completed when you let your EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert do the heavy lifting and dumping instead of human beings.

Your Competitive Edge Is Sharper With an EZ-Dumper® Truck Bed Insert

With improved efficiencies comes more contracts, increased profits, and a stronger business presence. You can eliminate the extra cost of subcontracting out the razing and removal of materials on work sites by taking on the job yourself with an EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert installed in your pickup truck. You can also hire untrained workers at lower rates to handle the razing and removal tasks, preserving your more valued workers for higher skilled and paying tasks and projects.

Due to the commercial ruggedness of your EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert, you also increase the value of your pickup truck, turning it into a truly dual-use business vehicle which can manage normal automotive tasks while also taking on heavier tasks typically assigned to more costly commercial trucks. For instance, once your truck is girded with its own EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert, it takes on new characteristic and properties such as:

With such new capacities and impressive looks for your pickup truck, you will find yourself bidding on (and winning!) more contracts, boosting your bottom line business results. This is especially important for new businesses trying to get their foot into the doors of established commercial practices in key locations like Reading, King of Prussia, and Allentown. With a properly equipped pickup truck for your company, you can submit competitive bids with a greater chance of winning them; more importantly, your newly furnished and loaded pickup truck with an EZ-Dumper® truck bed insert will keep your operating expenses low which equates to fatter profits at the end of each project.

There is a reason why Levan Machine and Truck Equipment remains the leading truck and machine supplier and servicer in the major areas of Berks, Lehigh, or Montgomery counties and outlying areas: we remain dedicated to providing the best products and services to businesses serving these important counties in Pennsylvania. As part of our commitment to these communities, we collaborate with other related businesses to keep our local economy strong and vibrant; this includes referring our valued customers to companies which offer equipment financing, often the first important step involved when upgrading your business vehicles and equipment.

As a third-generation family business, we believe in investing in our communities and businesses. We look forward to helping your own business grow through improving and upgrading your equipment and vehicles, which strengthens your commercial standing and reputation.

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