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At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, we offer a wide range of mechanic and lube body trucks from our top-rated brands, including Knapheide. In the Lehigh Valley area, our premium line of mechanic and lube body trucks are designed to withstand the demands of your most challenging job sites. Our mechanics trucks provide unmatched reliability, productivity, and safety on the jobsite, and our lube body trucks deliver tailored designs to accommodate a variety of product tank and reel cabinet configurations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the industries we work with our customers in for the most reliable truck performance that helps their businesses grow.

For a variety of agricultural businesses, mechanics trucks offer a range of capabilities for a job well done every time. We offer configurable service crane body upfits tailored to exactly the specifications you need. We can create a comprehensive work-ready solution for all your needs, making our services flexible for applications across industries. From the farm to municipal work, and everything in between, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is dedicated to supporting you with high-quality and long-lasting designs.

For challenging construction work that needs proper equipment for heavy loads, it’s important to ensure more support for your truck. Lube body trucks are built to keep your fleet of construction vehicles in top condition. For instance, concrete work is one of the most physically-demanding jobs today, and Levan Machine and Truck Equipment gives you professional engineering and manufacturing with great features and reliable performance benefits. 

It takes an industry-grade vehicle to work productively in the landscaping and tree care business. With access to the right bodies and a proven history working in the landscaping and tree care industry, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is the right partner for you. For heavy hauling, as is often the case with forestry work, we focus on ensuring you get the highest-quality forestry truck available for work like tree trimming and vegetative management.

When you’re working in the landscaping industry, it’s crucial that you have a reliable truck fitted to transport all of the tools and equipment needed for every project. Whether you require a full mechanic truck design, on-board hooks, or accessible storage shelving and compartments, we can outfit your trucks to your exact specifications.

Our top-rated Knapheide Mechanics Trucks continue to offer excellent performance across a variety of different industries, including for municipality work, mining, agriculture and equipment rental.Boost your productivity with top-of-the-line mechanics truck designs from Levan Machine and Truck Equipment that help you get the job done.

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment has decades of experience and expertise to help you to plan, design, and upfit your truck, van, or fleet. Whether you operate in the asphalt, paving, construction, or mining industries, lube trucks are a necessity for any job that requires the use of heavy equipment. For instance, we continue to work closely with operators and fleet managers who work in utilities, mining, oil and gas, and construction industries that rely on VMAC systems to work in the most challenging applications, climates, and environments. Located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, we serve Berks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties, and we are always happy to welcome customers outside our area.

Snow removal is one of the most important and growing businesses, and it takes a well-fitted truck to ensure quality work with reliable outcomes. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment knows that Berks County winters can be filled with snow and ice, so we’re dedicated to equipping your truck with all of your snow and ice removal needs, from mechanic body upfits to BOSS snowplows to salt spreaders. We can help you install any upfit for your truck so you stay prepared for work before snow touches the ground.

We take pride in offering the perfect utility truck upfit solutions for the best return on investment (ROI).Because lube truck bodies are a huge investment in your business, we are dedicated to provide you with ideal designs toward ensuring the perfect truck for your unique operation. Quality service body upfitting, also known as utility truck bed customization, requires detailed thought to ensure your custom solution provides exactly what you need. Along with the vehicle and the equipment, an upfitting partner is an important resource to begin your vehicle or fleet upfitting project.

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