Vocational-specific platforms are available for landscapers, general contractors, concrete contractors and more.

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Eby specializes in aluminum truck bodies which make hauling heavier loads easier on fuel consumption.

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The TC-500 is made of 100% heat-treated aluminum alloy construction for maximum strength, lowest possible weight and great lifelong appearance.

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Designed and built to exceed the needs of service-industry providers, you can choose bodies ranging from 9 to 16 feet.

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Types of Platform Bodies

Stake – This truck body is built with service-industry providers in mind – landscapers, contractors, maintenance crews and more. You can choose a flatbed or rack setup depending on your work needs, and then consider adding accessories such as a liftgate, cargo restraints, toolboxes and mobile power.

Red work truck
red flatbed truck at garage
White work truck
Truck liftgate
White work truck
truck work bed

Gooseneck – Farmers, ranchers, contractors and miners have come to depend on Gooseneck bodies to perform the heavy hauling they demand day in and day out.

Dark red truck with gooseneck on farm background
Black truck with gooseneck on snowy background

Contractor – Looking for a tough truck body to handle your daily work needs? The contractor service body is a great truck solution for all kinds of contractors – plumbers, electricians, roofers, concrete finishers and welders. This design is also ideal for hauling all types of loads – wood, pipes, drywall, scaffolding and more.

large white contractor truck transporting branches

Concrete – We know concrete work is a physically demanding job so we have a truck body that is tough enough to handle your job, day in and day out. A reinforced overcab material rack can accommodate wheelbarrow storage while the drop down tailgate enables you to get close enough to the load space to easily retrieve items. A treadplate floor construction ensures the Concrete Body can hold up to the heavy loads within a concrete environment.

concrete truck 3D rendering
concrete truck 3D rendering