Landscape Bodies

In the landscaping industry, it’s important to have a reliable truck to help transport all of the tools and equipment needed for each project. Here at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, we understand what people are looking for in the ideal landscaping truck, which is why we work to provide top-quality installation of landscape truck bodies.

What Is a Landscape Truck Body Installation?

To make sure the job gets done right with each landscaping project, you need a long-lasting, dependable landscape truck body. To help ensure you get what you need, we offer installation services for lawn truck bodies and landscape body upfit using the best products. Generally, you can choose from multiple truck body installations for a single chassis, including dump truck bodies, landscape bodies, or flatbeds.

With truck bodies of the highest quality, whether you need landscape dump truck bodies or other types of body installations, you can keep your fleets in great condition for many years.

What Is the Best Landscape Truck Body?

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment carries a large selection of lawn truck bodies and more, depending on your needs. You’ll be able to choose from several different landscape truck body installations in Berks County, PA, including the Reading area and other cities such as Boyertown and Sinking Spring. There are plenty of options available whether you’re looking for the best truck bodies to start with or expanding an existing fleet.

Platform, Landscape & Hauler Bodies

Depending on what you require for your landscape truck fleet, you can choose from platform, hauler, or landscape truck bodies designed and built to last. We carry many of the best brands available in the industry to help make sure you get the right product, including Morgan and Knapheide landscape truck bodies. Regardless of the type of truck body you need, we’ll make sure you make the right choice based on your specific application and vehicle requirements.

Custom Truck Bodies

Many landscapers may be tempted to buy landscaping trucks from private sellers because they’re perceived as more cost-effective, but a custom truck body installation will give you what you truly need. Private sellers may be able to make recommendations based on what worked for them, but they won’t have a deep understanding of your specific needs. A fully customized truck landscape body installation will help you avoid any potential problems that may result from a truck purchased through a private seller.

Choosing the Right Landscape Truck Body for You

If you’re in need of the most ideal landscape truck body installation for your vehicles, we have what you’re looking for at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment. We’ll work with you to make sure you make the right choice based on your application and individual requirements, with all of the options that you won’t find with a private seller.

Where to Get a Landscape Truck Body Installed

Searching for the best provider of landscape truck body installation and more? You’ll find everything in one place when you turn to Levan Machine and Truck Equipment. You can trust our experts and equipment to provide you with long-lasting installations. You’ll also get much more than truck body installations when you work with us, as we offer top-tier repair services and replacement parts that can keep your fleet in great shape for many years.

Supplying Custom Truck Bodies Along the East Coast

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment can provide you with customized landscape truck body installation in and near Berks County, PA. If you’re in need of dependable installations services on the East Coast, we offer unparalleled expertise and quality of installations. We’ll customize each installation to give you the best possible results whenever you work with us. With the help of our services and equipment, you’ll experience all of the benefits of custom installations that you would otherwise miss out on when buying from private sellers.

Truck Body Fabrication and More

In addition to fabrication and installation services for custom landscape truck bodies, we’ll also be able to provide expert guidance if you have any questions about your vehicle and the truck body installation. You won’t have to worry about inferior installations or service with a team of experienced professionals and top-quality fabrication materials behind every custom truck body installation. With every installation, we also work to maximize the longevity of your truck as a leading provider of replacement parts and repair services.

Get the Best Landscape Work Trucks for Your Business

As soon as you’re in need of the perfect landscape truck bodies for your landscaping business, don’t hesitate to look for the right vehicle. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is always here to get you started as soon as you need us. We understand how much your customers rely on your services and want to give you the proper equipment to maintain your fleet for many years.
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