Welding and Fabrication at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment

Machine and truck repair and maintenance isn’t always as easy as swapping in one part for another or topping off some fluids. When your professional equipment or vehicles are taking the levels of wear and tear that come with daily use, your needs from your local repair shop are going to be higher and more demanding, including the ability to repair more complex problems and even fabricate custom parts when needed. Luckily, in the Berks County, PA area, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is your destination for everything your trucks and machinery need, and our welding and fabrication services are just what you require in order to keep your equipment in peak condition.


From repairing tricky areas of damage in your trucks and machines to crafting custom parts made to suit your needs, the welding services that we provide here at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment are an integral part of what we do every day. Working with a variety of metals including steel, aluminum, stainless, steel and alloy, and many different methods including MIG, TIG, stick, and spray welding, we can provide the services you need with our expert technicians and our advanced welding equipment.


Whether you need a single, simple piece or a large number of custom-crafted components, custom fabrication is a service that is irreplaceable when you need it. Finding the right machine shop to complete your fabrication request can be tricky, but you never have to worry when Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is on the job. Using precision equipment and the professional experience of our reliable team members, we’ll make sure that you have the parts you need, when you need them, right here in your area.

Working with Levan Machine and Truck Equipment

There’s no one quite like Levan Machine and Truck Equipment for you to turn to when you’re in need of welding and fabrication services. You can trust us to have the best and most experienced professionals on our staff and the most reliable and precise equipment to use, ensuring that every custom-built part and welding job we deliver to you is of only the highest quality.

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, serving our customers is about always being able to provide what they need, from the simple to the complex, and our on-site welding and fabrication services are a part of that dedication. You can contact us here to learn more or ask any questions that you might have!