Morgan Landscape Trucks

Morgan landscaping trucks are well-built, and you can use these heavy-duty dump trucks for any of your needs no matter the weather. The LandscapingPro from Morgan is arguably the best landscaping truck on the market. As one of the top manufacturers of truck bodies, Morgan leads the industry in a variety of different kinds of truck and van bodies. The bodies are actually manufactured with a wide variety of materials like Aluminum and Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP), which helps ensure everything is protected from the elements — rain, sleet or snow. The landscaping trucks will remain durable and reliable for years.

There are a variety of reasons why Morgan landscape trucks are top of the line, and they are certainly easy to install. The unique features in this landscaping truck make this a top choice for any type of landscaping in any season of the year. You can be on your way with a Morgan landscape body in no time at all!

Are Morgan landscape bodies the best?

The landscape truck bodies available from Morgan are the cream of the crop. The LandscaperPro dump truck body was created specifically to be stronger than any other truck body on the market. Made from steel I-beam construction with a heavy-duty 10-gauge steel flooring, steel rub-rails and LED lighting, the steel backbone of this truck cannot be beat. Whether you are using this for seasonal spring yard maintenance, or some of the heavy-duty snow and cold weather maintenance in the Lehigh Valley, you will not be disappointed with the quality and strength of the landscaper truck bed from Morgan.

This landscaping body also comes with some truly unique features like:

  • An integrated double acting hydraulic cylinder scissor hoist — this is great for more efficient unloading of the materials in your truck
  • Forklift-friendly side door access
  • Unencumbered bed access
  • Underbody tool storage options to ensure the bed space is maximized — never lose track of your smaller tools again with this easy to access built-in toolbox

Landscapers always have a lot of tools, and storage can be an issue. With the underbody tool storage option, this LandscaperPro truck has more than enough storage space. This truck was designed for landscapers to be able to cart just about all of their tools.

The nice thing is, you can even make great use of this Morgan LandscaperPro even if you are not a professional landscaper. You can also use this for storing large equipment like lawnmowers or furniture, or maybe you just need a sturdy dump truck for those cold Pennsylvania winters. You will probably get good use out of the dovetail/beavertail ramp, since it does not actually take away from the truck bed’s floor space at all. This ramp is an extra feature that many truck beds do not have.

Morgan Landscaping Truck Unique Features

In addition to some of the standard options mentioned above, there are a few other special features about Morgan landscaping truck beds that set this option apart from its competitors:

  • Heavy-duty 10 gauge steel flooring — the floor of this truck can take quite the beating. Whether you use this for summer landscaping and lawn mowers or carting snow blowers around, this floor will last for decades without getting ruined.
  • Over-cab extension — not all dump trucks offer this over-cab extension, which means you can carry more materials. There is a well-positioned step and handle so you can easily access this extension.

Where to get a Morgan landscape body installed?

At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment shop, we can do all of your truck maintenance and installation whether it is with a landscaping truck or other truck need. Our shop can easily and efficiently install a Morgan landscape body, and have you back to work in no time at all. In addition to installing your Morgan landscape body, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment Shop can also do:

Where to buy a Morgan landscape body?

The Landscaper Pro truck body is your best bet for landscaping, and it will hold up in any season of weather in Berks, Lehigh, or Montgomery counties. Well-built, you are getting a quality landscape body with a Morgan Landscaper Pro. In the Leigh Valley area, you can buy a Morgan landscape body right at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment Shop. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is actually a one-stop shop where you can completely engineer your trucks from the ground up. Whether you are buying a new truck or fixing up an old one, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment Shop can do it all.

If you are ready to get Morgan landscaping installed today or you need any other information about landscaping and what Morgan trucks are available, reach out and contact us today. Our team of experts are here to answer any questions you might have!