Driveline Repair Services at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment in Fleetwood, PA

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is your driveline repair headquarters! W At our shop near Wyomissing, PA, our staff prides themselves on quick turnaround. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment has the experience and equipment you need to repair or customize any part of your driveline, including everything from PTO shafts to large truck driveshafts. Learn more about our driveline repair services serving Berks County, Lehigh County, and Montgomery County today by checking out the following services we provide.


At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment near Boyertown, PA, our shop staff have years of experience in the successful driveline re-tubing. Driveline re-tubing is usually a smart, cost-saving measure if possible, and the professionals at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment can resolve your problem with ease.

That said, it is also important to identify the cause of a driveline tubing failure in order to ensure your problem does not arise again. Any time a shaft is re-tubed, it should also be balanced and have its U-joints replaced to ensure safety and proper function.

U-Joint Replacement

U-Joints are part of the drive line assembly and located at the ends of your driveline. They are part of the system that allows for compensation in height shifts between the transmission and rear axle all while in motion. This allows your driveline to function without causing problems with your driveshaft and or any other driveline components.

Heavily-used commercial vehicles will naturally experience a handful of worn U-joints over time. Often, worn U-joints can lead to vibrations during vehicle operation.

No matter what driveline service you may be experiencing issues with, please contact Levan Machine and Truck Equipment near Allentown, PA to have our professional mechanics service or inspect your commercial vehicle’s driveline U-joints today.


Any time a commercial vehicle is modified, chances are it’s driveline will need to be modified too. This way, you can guarantee there will be no disruption in the daily practices of your commercial trucking business.

In order to shorten an existing driveline, our professional technicians will need to remove the weld yoke and cut the existing tubing to the desired length, before pressing and re-welding the weld yoke back on to the driveline.

To lengthen the driveline, our technicians will typically need to re-tube the driveline as well. Firstly, our mechanics will need to cut the weld yoke and stub off of the existing driveline. Then, we’ll press in the new section of tubing into the old weld yoke and stub and re-weld the components onto the new tubing.

At the end of either process, the driveline must then be re-balanced before it is considered ready for action.

Emergency Repair Service

Life is unpredictable, and Levan Machine and Truck Equipment understands that. At our local shop near Bethlehem, PA, our staff is fully prepared to resolve your emergency repair services just as easily as any type of scheduled maintenance.

Your local business is important to you, and that means getting your commercial equipment back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible is important to us. If you find yourself in need of emergency driveline repair service, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is your number one choice.

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is absolutely ready and willing to handle all of your driveline repair needs. We are a distributor of Dana Spicer, and we offer one of the largest and most versatile parts selections in the Greater Reading area. Contact us today to get started!

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