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Berks County winters are filled with howling winds, ice, and snow. Whether you’re looking to plow snow as a lucrative side business or you simply want to help clear your neighbor’s driveways, it’s important to get a snowplow that’s tough enough to endure any storm. That’s why Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is proud to sell BOSS snowplows to Reading, PA and surrounding areas.

BOSS Snowplows are the Best: Here’s Why

BOSS snowplows can provide you with SmartHitch® technology, so when the snow storm arrives in Lehigh County sooner than expected, you can be ready to plow in a matter of seconds following three simple steps. Heavy snowstorms can limit your visibility while you’re out on the road, that’s why BOSS also offers SmartLight™ solutions that shine farther than any other plow light on the market.

Now that you can see the snow covered road ahead of you, you’ll be happy to see the BOSS power-V Plow has earned its place as the best multiposition snowplow in the industry, removing snow with ease as you plow day and night. BOSS snowplows just don’t get the job done the best, they also maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance harsh winter after harsh winter with a SmartShield® baked-on-powder coat paint finish. Get the best snowplow for your truck this winter with a BOSS snowplow.

BOSS Snowplow That’s Best For You

The type of BOSS snowplow you want depends on the type of snow removal you intend on doing. While all BOSS snowplows are made tough and durable to get you through any Montgomery County winter, you can choose between a BOSS Straight Snowplow or a BOSS Power-V Multiposition Snowplow.

A BOSS Straight Snowplow will get the job done and is perfect for clearing driveways; however; if you’re doing more commercial plowing and dealing with icy snow, the Power-V Multiposition Snowplow will cut through ice with ease, so you can weather the toughest Lehigh Valley storms.

BOSS 28" pusher shovel

Buy a BOSS plow or spreader and get a FREE BOSS 28″ pusher shovel FREE! (value $55)

Popular Boss Snowplow Models

BOSS DXT Snowplow

Tough Boyertown winters require a tough snowplow— this is where the BOSS DXT snowplow comes into play. The BOSS DXT provides patented Dual-Trip Design. This includes both trip-edge and full moldboard trip technologies, so when your plow strikes something hidden under a pile of snow or clashes with a frozen snowbank, you’ll have the protection you need to be able to keep on plowing. The BOSS DXT snowplow also uses flared wings with enhanced curl, so you can throw snow more efficiently. Get your snowplow where it needs to be and move large amounts of snow smoothly and effortlessly with the BOSS DXT’s multi-position plow blade.

BOSS EXT Snowplow

Planning on snowplowing a lot of parking lots in the Hamburg area? You’ll love the BOSS EXT snowplow! This snowplow easily expands from 8 to 10 feet with the push of a button, so you can plow parking lots and wide open spaces with ease. The expandable, fully hydraulic, pitched-forward wings will help you cover more ground and move snow more efficiently.

The BOSS EXT is designed for ¾ ton and 1 ton trucks and also offers a heavy-duty push frame attachment bar for added strength. It’s always important to see what you’re plowing, so the BOSS EXT comes with the SmartLight 3 LED Headlight System, so the path ahead is illuminated and unlikely to experience ice build-up.

BOSS Heavy Duty Snowplow

Looking for a larger, municipal grade snowplow to handle Morgantown’s snowstorms? The BOSS Heavy-Duty Straight-Blade plow is just what you’re looking for! This plow is built for medium-duty trucks and provides a Full Moldboard Trip Design with enhanced blade curl, so no matter how deep the snow or what obstacles your plow comes into contact with, you can trust your plow has the protection it needs to keep going.

The BOSS Heavy-Duty Straight Blade plow comes standard with the SmartLight3 LED Headlight System, so you can see no matter how bad the conditions get in Wyomissing. You’ll also find it comes equipped with Cast-Iron Plow Shoes to extend the life of the cutting edge, and this plow offers a Heavy-Duty Push Frame and Quadrant for added strength and durability.

BOSS Snowplows at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment

Not sure where to find BOSS snowplows? Buy your next BOSS snowplow at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment! Not only will we help you select the BOSS snowplow that best fits your needs, but we also help with snowplow installations and offer a 24-hour snowplow service shop.

Get your truck outfitted before Allentown, PA receives its first snowfall this season. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is here to serve you. Let us know what type of snow removal you do, and we’ll get you taken care of.

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