Five Ways to Use Air Compressors in Agriculture, Farming, and Ranching

Farmer uses combine and air compressors to get the job done

Agriculture and farming are the backbone of human society as we know it, and in turn, the machinery used by agricultural professionals is the backbone of the field. We’ve come a long way since the days of crude irrigation systems and plows drawn by animals, and the tools and equipment used by farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers today are sophisticated enough to get the job done efficiently, and sometimes, even to do more than one job.


This is the case with air compressors, an incredibly useful tool on a farm setting. This is something that anyone who’s experienced with working the land won’t want to be without! Here are five potential uses for this versatile piece of equipment.

Tire Inflation

Under-inflated tires on any vehicle can cause it to lose stability and efficiency, and can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the tire, running down the treads, damaging the sidewalls, and potentially leading to blowouts. In short, the tire pressure on your farm truck, tractor, plow, combine, spreader, or other agricultural vehicle is something that you want to keep a close eye on. Having an air compressor on hand makes it easy to keep your tires properly inflated, adding a quick burst of extra air when you notice the pressure is a little low.

Conveyor Systems and Silos

When it comes to filling your silos or running your conveyor belt systems, an air compressor is a crucial component to have on hand to facilitate the process, particularly when you’re working with grain or other bulk materials. A compressor designed for both continuous and intermittent use is especially helpful in these applications.

Equipment Cleaning

Anyone who works outdoors knows that the job is never really done until all of the tools and equipment are cleaned and stored properly. It pays to take care of your equipment, and as long as you’re using the proper protective gear like eyewear and sticking to a low PSI, an air compressor can be a valuable tool when it comes to cleaning your equipment. A blast of compressed air can loosen and remove bits of debris that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to dislodge on tires, trailers, combines, and much more.

Tool Powering

Hand tools that are pneumatic and powered by compressed air have lots of different uses in a ranch or farm setting, including staplers, nail guns, paint guns, and more. With an air compressor already on hand, you’ll be able to finish the jobs that require these tools quickly and efficiently every time.

Irrigation System Winterization

Whether it’s in your home or in a field, a frozen and burst pipe is not pretty, and it’s not something that you ever want to be forced to deal with. That’s why properly winterizing your irrigation system is so crucial. This task is no small job, but with the help of a handy air compressor, it becomes much easier to clear your lines and get them ready to survive the cold season in one piece. When spring comes, you’ll be ready to jump right back in.


A farm or ranch that keeps an air compressor on hand is one that’s prepared to tackle any job that arises! If you’re interested in the many uses of an air compressor in an agricultural setting, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment can help you. Contact us here for more information.