5 Professional Balancing Services and Where to Get them Done

equipment like industrial fans or trucks need balancing to function properly


In order to get the best and safest level of performance out of your equipment, it must be properly balanced. This is important on so many levels– unbalanced equipment can lead to excess wear and tear, eventual damage, or cause your performance to be unreliable or unpredictable. Getting professional balancing services on your commercial trucks is vital to you and your team members being able to do your jobs properly, and in the Fleetwood, PA area, no one knows balancing better than Levan Machine and Truck Equipment! Here are some of the balancing services that we provide.

Electronic Hard-Bearing Balancing

Hard-bearing balancing needs a large and rigid foundation where the bearings must be permanently set and calibrated in place in order to fully constrain the rotor. In order to do this properly, very accurate measurements are needed, and the final product must be completely inflexible in order to support the movement of the rotor. This is why it’s best performed by experts like those at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment. This type of balancing is best suited to manufacturing production operations where a fast cycle time is required.

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic balancing, on the other hand, is best suited for rotating equipment. It consists of rotating a part or component of the equipment at high velocity to measure the amount of vibration that occurs due to structural imbalances. Then, these imperfections are balanced out by adding or removing weight from the part until the vibration is reduced or eliminated. Industries such as textiles, heavy machinery, automotive, and mining often require this type of balancing for their equipment.

Driveline Balancing

Industrial truck driveshafts are complex pieces of machinery that need careful attention to keep functioning properly. CV joints, U-joints, and yokes accommodate for axial movement and allow for variation in driveline angles and distances between components. These driveshafts undergo large amounts of stress and torque, applying forces of motion without adding additional weight or stress to other drivetrain components. On a properly balanced driveshaft, the torque coming from the engine and transmission are equal to the speed at which the shaft spins. Professional balancing services like the ones from Levan Machine and Truck Equipment are essential in ensuring that this remains the case over time.

Fan Balancing

An unbalanced fan is likely to be noisy and to give off high levels of vibration that can lead to damage over time. Conversely, a properly balanced fan will function better and has a much longer bearing life. Both older and newer equipment can benefit from receiving this service from Levan Machine and Truck Equipment.

Impeller Shaft Balancing

Industrial fans and pumps require impeller shaft balancing in order to function properly. Without this, the bearings will take more stress than they should over time, leading to damage and increased wear and tear. With the help of services from Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, these heavy duty pieces of machinery will function better and last longer over time.


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