How to Get Your Camper Ready for Summer

Get your RV or camper ready for summer fun!


Spring is finally here in full force, and summer isn’t that far behind. As the weather warms up, the flowers bloom, and the skies clear, you’re sure to be spending your time daydreaming about all of the fun trips and journeys that you’re going to take this year! You’re more than ready, but is your camper, RV, or other travel vehicle ready for action as well?

If you’re anything like most RV owners, your camper probably sits idle all winter, closed up for the season. Now that summer is almost here, it’s time to shake off the cobwebs, so to speak, and get your camper ready for new adventures! Here’s how.

Inspect for Damage

The chilly winter weather and snowfall can do a number on your camper, so it’s important to give the vehicle a very thorough inspection for damage at the start of the season. Run through all of the systems and appliances to make sure they’re working properly, and inspect the camper itself– seals, walls, hinges, flooring, windows and more– for cracks or other signs of wear and tear that should be taken care of before you start traveling for the summer.

Replace Faulty or Damaged Parts

After last summer’s trips and a winter sitting around, there’s probably some parts or components of your camper that aren’t in the best condition, or that just simply aren’t working anymore. Jacks, plugs, lights– all of these parts are essential to your summer travels, and if they aren’t functioning properly, they’ll need to be replaced before you can get on the road. Visiting a local machine shop like Levan Machine and Truck Equipment can help you take care of this task!


Most RV owners who live in chilly climates winterize their campers in the fall, filling the plumbing system with antifreeze to prevent the cold temperatures from damaging the tanks, pipes, and fixtures all season long. To start using your camper again, you’ll need to reverse that process and dewinterize the vehicle! This involves clearing all of the antifreeze out of the plumbing system and then sanitizing it thoroughly. 

Check Your Tires

The tires on your RV, camper, or any other vehicle are far more important than they get credit for. Tires that aren’t up to par can affect everything about the way a camper moves, so before the start of the summer travel season, give your tires a careful inspection. Check that the treads aren’t too worn down, and look for bulges and cracks, high or low pressure, and signs of uneven wear. 

Final Overview

The last important step to get your camper ready for the summer is to have the vehicle serviced by a professional team, like the technicians at Levan Machine and Truck Company. They can help to locate any issues that you might’ve missed during your own inspection, and install any parts, accessories, or safety equipment that you want to have before you embark on your next adventure!

Let the team at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment help you to get road trip ready for the summer! You can contact us today for more information about our RV and camper services.