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For any truck that helps you ensure a job well done, it needs to be able to provide power to and from the engine and the transmission, and a working flywheel does just that. Essentially, a flywheel is a metal disc that looks a bit like a mechanical gear. Usually, the flywheel is located between the vehicle’s clutch and the transmission, and any manual automobile, rugged pickup truck, or larger vehicle utilizes a flywheel in order to keep running strong. However, when a flywheel breaks, work can get a lot slower. 

Luckily, at Levan Machine & Truck Equipment, we provide experienced flywheel resurfacing services to keep your vehicle in top working condition. Let’s take a closer look at the signs of a malfunctioning or worn flywheel and how our team members can support your vehicle with practiced resurfacing expertise.

Signs That Your Flywheel Needs Resurfacing

It’s always a good idea to get your truck’s flywheel regularly inspected by a professional, but sometimes your vehicle will show signs of an issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Here are a few reliable indications that there’s a problem with your truck’s flywheel:

Truck Clutch Trembling or Vibrating: This is also sometimes called chattering or quaking. Your truck’s shifting gears should always work smoothly. However, if you’re encountering a vibration beneath your feet in the vehicle and/or a shuddering sound and sensation when shifting gears, you probably have issues with your vehicle’s clutch and/or your flywheel.

Slipping Gears: your vehicle’s flywheel is an essential part that bolster’s the clutch’s connection between the transmission and the engine. If you’re finding that one or more gears slip or have a delay when transitioning between them, it could mean extra stress is being put on your flywheel, and this could cause real damage.

A Burning Smell: When you shift gears, if you notice a burning odor appears, this could mean there’s a problem with your clutch and/or your flywheel. More specifically, a burned rubber or electrical burning smell typically indicates that it’s the clutch, while a burnt toast smell is usually due to the flywheel.

Flywheel Resurfacing: What’s Needed

On a long enough timeline, your truck’s flywheel will endure plenty of friction and heat to support your needs. As with most materials, this repeated exposure can result in eventual weaknesses, blisters, or cracks on the flywheel. This happens because the heat isn’t distributed evenly and puts wear and tear on the same spots.

At Levan Machine & Truck Equipment, our resurfacing process uses a machine to trim an extremely thin layer of metal off of your truck’s flywheel’s surface. This takes out the worn and cracked metal on the surface and exposes the more even and more suitable metal surface to the disk. It also offers added friction, because the new surface is made coarse instead of smooth.

How Long to Resurface a Flywheel?

How long it takes to resurface a given truck’s flywheel depends on a few factors, including the size of your truck to the type of resurfacing you want to use. For instance, we can easily apply grinding to your flywheel’s surface, which can usually be completed in just a few minutes.

On the other hand, if you use the cutting method for flywheel resurfacing, we’ll need to use a brake lathe. That process will take considerably longer considering how much time it takes to set that up and make sure the flywheel is aligned well and stable.

Our flywheel services and expertise include grinding, resurfacing, and common maintenance. Regardless of what commercial truck service you may be looking for, be it flywheel resurfacing, custom machining, CNC machining, top-grade truck equipment and van storage solutions, or convenient repair and maintenance, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is dedicated to supporting you with fair prices and unmatched expertise.

For more information about our flywheel services, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our friendly team members can help you to secure the best flywheel resurfacing services for your business and get you back on the path to top-rated performance.