5 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Off-Road Vehicle

Give your off-road vehicle the maintenance and care it needs!


From burly pickup trucks to nimble SUVs, there’s about as many kinds of off-roading vehicles available today as there are people who like to wander the trail. If you’re one of these intrepid adventurers, you know just how much you rely on your vehicle, and how important it is that you be able to count on its performance at all times. An off-road vehicle is an investment in all of your future journeys, so extending its lifespan and making sure that you can get as much use out of it as possible over the years is never a misplaced directive! Here are some ways that you can do just that, with the help of a professional local machine shop.

Pay Attention to Your Tires

When you’re taking your vehicle over difficult terrain like rocky paths and sandy dunes, your tires should never be an afterthought. You’ll want to pay a good deal of attention to them, starting by choosing the right tires for your needs. You wouldn’t go traversing the trail in standard all-season tires any more than you’d wear your house slippers to go hiking. 


It’s also important to keep up and maintain your tires over time, regularly checking the tire pressure, having them rotated, and keeping an eye out for signs of uneven wear that could indicate there’s something wrong.

Get Your Suspension Maintained

Tricky drives through challenging conditions are standard fare for off-road vehicles, which is why they’re equipped with intense suspension systems to help you navigate these areas comfortably and safely. Because it plays such a big role in your vehicle’s performance, you’ll want to get your suspension maintained on a regular basis by a professional machine shop like Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, and keep an eye out yourself for leaks, cracks, or steering issues, which could all be signs of underlying problems.

Frequent Undercarriage Cleaning

When you go off the road, the undercarriage of your vehicle takes a serious beating, whether it’s being splattered with mud and water, scratched and banged up by fallen branches, or blasted with sand. Getting the undercarriage cleaned frequently will help to keep this debris from accumulating and causing too much damage, so either visit a business that will give you a deep clean or get under there yourself with a high-pressure nozzle to keep things clean.

Consider Protective Coatings

While the upper exterior of your car may not take as much hard punishment as the undercarriage, it’s still going to inevitably get swatted by a bush, covered in a splash of gritty mud, or dinged with a kicked-up rock. If you want to keep your off-roading vehicle not only working right but looking great as well, protective coatings might be a good option for you!


There are tons of different kinds of protective coatings that you can add to your car, SUV, or truck, like sealants or ceramic coatings. Talking to the experts at your local auto shop, like our team at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, can help you to identify the right choice for your needs.

Regular Servicing Appointments

All vehicles need to be serviced regularly in order to last for their full lifespan and perform properly, and this goes double for off-road vehicles and any other car that drives in a lot of intense scenarios. From oil changes to alignment services and everything in between, the maintenance tasks performed at a servicing appoint ment are vital to keeping your vehicle in good health for many years to come!


If your off-road vehicle is due for a little attention, let the team at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment help you! Conveniently located in Fleetwood, PA, we’re equipped to help you deal with all of your vehicle’s needs.