How To Prepare Your Truck’s Snowplow For The Warm Seasons

Dual Boss brand snowplows on truck

The winter season is finally drawing to a close, and the snow is gone until much later in the year. For landscapers and snowplow operators, that means it’s time to make the transition into summer and put all of that snow and ice equipment away for the season! 


The way you go about preparing your snowplow for storage during the summer can have a major impact on how easy it is for you to get going again come the first snowstorm of the winter. If you don’t do things right, you might be stuck regretting a half-done job! Instead, focus on putting your equipment away the right way, and you’ll be ready for anything when winter comes around again.

Clean Up

Never put a snowplow away dirty. Leaving dirt, dust, grime, debris, old grease, and other gunk on your plow for the duration of the spring and summer is just asking for trouble! Your snowplow will need a thorough wash with water before it’s ready for storage, and you should make sure it’s completely dry before you put it away as well.

Fill Up

It’s likely that the oil and hydraulic fluid levels of your plow will be depleted by a season of work in the early spring. Even though you won’t be using it for months, you should still top off your fluids before storing your plow. Low fluids create the possibility of air being trapped in the system, which can create issues down the line. If you make sure you’re all filled up on oil and hydraulic fluid, there will be no possibility of this happening!

One Last Check

It’s always good to give your equipment one good once-over before putting it away for the year. Look for signs of major damage that will keep you from getting right to work in the winter, and make sure all of the necessary functions are able to be performed smoothly. 

Paint and Grease

Preventing corrosion is a major part of how you store your snowplow for the winter, so this is a step you don’t want to neglect unless you’d like to shorten the lifespan of your equipment! Exposed metal on the plow is vulnerable to rust, damage, and corrosion, even small spots, so add a fresh coat of paint to prevent this from happening. Similarly, you’ll want to ensure that all of your plow’s electrical components are clean and free of debris and then grease them well to keep them safe from moisture during the summer months!

Store Properly

Finally, it’s time to put your plow away, but you have to create the right storage situation for maximum safety during the off-season. Your plow should always be stored indoors to protect it from the elements and from temperature fluctuations. You should also make sure to cover the plow well, even though it’s inside, to keep dirt, dust, and other things from settling on or potentially damaging the plow itself. Don’t let careless passers-by chip that important paint job or spill anything on your precious equipment!

At the end of the season, you’re probably ready to tuck your plow in a corner and not think about it again until winter, but taking the time to store your equipment properly can pay dividends when the first snowflakes begin to fall! Looking for more advice on taking care of your snowplows? You can continue to read our blog here for more information!