5 Warning Signs that Indicate Your Snowplow Needs Repair

Your snowplow, like any other vehicle or piece of equipment that you use on a regular basis, can’t run forever without any intervention. Maintenance and servicing are necessary to keep your snowplow in good working order and prevent problems on the job, and if you don’t get your plow and truck into the shop as often as you should, it’s likely that you’ll end up dealing with various problems, damage, and malfunctions in time. These issues can become major if you let them go for too long, but catching them early can help your plow to spend less time out of commission and can reduce the costs of your repairs! There are several crucial warning signs that you need to look out for to know when it’s time for your plow to get some repairs. Here are five of them to remember!

Strange Noises or Vibrations

If everything is working the way it should be with your snowplow, things should be relatively quiet and the plow should raise, lower, and clear snow smoothly without any serious shakes or discernible movement. If you’re noticing unusual noises like squeaks, grinding sounds, or rattling, it’s a sign that something is up. Similarly, a snowplow that’s vibrating or shaking is a snowplow that’s in need of some repairs.

Slow or Glitchy Blade Movement

The blade of your plow should be able to be raised, lowered, and angled smoothly and responsively. If your plow isn’t responding to your controls right away, if it’s moving inconsistently with lots of stops and stalls, or if it just isn’t moving at all, that’s a sign that there’s something wrong in the hydraulic system. A plow that’s moving like this needs to get into a machine shop as soon as possible!

Decreased Efficiency

This has to do with both the efficiency of how your snowplow is clearing up snow, and the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. If you notice that either one of these things isn’t performing like it used to, whether you’re having to fill your truck up more often than normal, it’s taking you longer to complete a job, or your plow isn’t doing the job all the way and is leaving patches of snow and ice uncleared, you should take it as an indicator that some repairs are in order.

Blade Wear

The edge of your blade is vitally important to the quality of the plowing work that you’re able to perform with it. While a normal amount of wear and tear is to be expected on the part of a plow that takes such a heavy beating, it’s still crucial that you keep a close eye on your blade. When it’s starting to show signs of excess wear, get it replaced immediately to keep your snowplow functioning properly!

Rust or Corrosion

Whether it’s on your plow, on the plow systems like the hydraulics or electrical, or on your truck, rust and corrosion is never something good to see on your equipment. A certain amount of this deterioration is unavoidable– the harsh elements and the caustic chemicals that are put down on the streets during the winter are bound to cause materials to break down over time. However, rust or corrosion are never things that you should let go or leave alone once you notice them. Repairing them as needed will keep the problem at bay, maintaining the structural integrity of your plow and prolonging its lifespan!


If you keep an eye out for these warning signs, you should be able to get your snowplow in for repairs before you’re dealing with serious problems. If you are in need of repairs on your plows or trucks or you need to make a service appointment for some preventative maintenance, let the team at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment help you out today!