3 Common Trailer Issues and How to Avoid Them

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Whether you use your trailer for business or pleasure, it’s undoubtedly an important tool in your life. From transporting supplies to a jobsite to transporting families on road trips, there’s no end to the uses of a capable trailer, but they also have plenty of issues that can spring up, even with the best maintenance and upkeep. These problems can throw a wrench into the works of whatever you have planned for your day, so knowing how to avoid them can help to keep you moving forward and stress-free!

Tire Problems

A trailer’s tires is a common place for issues to arise. Trailer tires take a lot of wear and tear and often don’t get the maintenance and servicing that they require in order to remain in good condition. Even worse, when tire problems like flats, blowouts, or excessive wear arise, they’re often major issues that take a lot of time, energy, and money to deal with.


To avoid these problems in the first place, make sure you’re diligent about your tire maintenance! Check the tires regularly to be sure they’re properly inflated, wearing evenly, and not showing any signs of damage. Have the tires rotated and balanced from time to time to encourage them to last their full lifespan, and when the treads start to get towards unsafe levels, change them out for new ones!


Rain, snow, mud, and other weather conditions and consequences of the outdoors can take a toll on your trailer, and rust is frequently one of the ways that you’ll see it. Almost all vehicles on the road are susceptible to rust and corrosion, but proper protection can help to keep it at bay, and that’s something you’ll definitely want to invest in for your trailer.


You should start by regularly checking your trailer for signs of rust or weather-related damage. If you’re seeing chips or flakes in the paint, look into adding a new coat, as this can provide extra protection. Pay extra attention to exposed, vulnerable areas, like the undercarriage or any metal components. Products like bed liners or vinyl wraps can also be valuable in preventing rust from forming.

Wheel Bearing Damage

The wheel bearings on trailers are often neglected as people focus their attention on more obvious sources of issues and problems, but they are very important nevertheless. Damaged or worn-out bearings can have serious impacts on how your trailer performs, so making sure that they get the maintenance they need can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


Wheel bearings should be regularly checked and inspected, and should always be properly greased to avoid excess friction and overheating. Replacing worn-out bearings promptly can help to prevent problems from occurring as well.


Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, keeping up with all of this trailer maintenance can be a tall order for you to handle alone! That’s why you could use the help of a qualified, reliable machine shop like Levan Machine and Truck Equipment to keep your trailer in great condition. You can contact us today for more information!