Finding the Right Dump Bed Insert for Your Truck

A dump bed insert can be a great way to expand the capabilities of your pickup truck and ensure that you’re using it to its fullest potential. The addition of a dump bed can increase the amount of tasks you’re able to accomplish in a day, without you needing to go to the effort or deal with the cost of a dedicated dump truck! They also offer you excellent flexibility, because if you buy a different or newer truck down the line, the insert can easily be transferred over to the new truck.

When you start navigating the world of dump bed inserts, it helps to know exactly what you’re looking for going in. There are several different types and specifications, and each one is right for different purposes. To help you decide what you need, here’s a quick guide to choosing the right dump bed insert for you!

Hydraulic, Electric, and Electro-Hydraulic

A dump bed insert is lifted to perform its dumping function by one of three kinds of systems– a hydraulic system, an electric system, or an electro-hydraulic system that combines the two. Hydraulic systems tend to be more powerful than electric ones and can work in much more intense conditions, and electric systems tend to be much cheaper than their hydraulic counterparts, as well as quieter and smoother to run. Electro-hydraulic systems combine the perks of the two and offer you great efficiency and control, although they can still be on the expensive side. Depending on the situations in which you plan to use your dump bed insert, one of these options will suit your normal work conditions best!

Steel vs. Aluminum

Steel and aluminum are common materials for dump bed inserts to be made out of. These materials also each offer several pros and cons that make them well suited for different situations. 

Aluminum, for instance, is much lighter than steel, helping you to save on fuel costs. Because it’s lighter, this also means that you can handle heavier payloads, since you won’t have the considerable extra weight of the dump bed insert itself to take off of the overall payload rating of your truck. It also resists rust and corrosion very well. However, aluminum inserts are more expensive than steel, and because aluminum is a softer metal, it’s more prone to dents and cracking.

Steel, on the other hand, is a cheaper up-front cost, and is extra-durable against impacts from the load you’re carrying. It’s especially ideal for heavy-duty jobs. However, it’s heavy, meaning you have less flexibility in the amount of weight you can haul, and it’ll drive up your fuel costs. Steel is also more susceptible to the elements and will require upkeep, such as repainting, every so often. 

Based on your budget and the kind of jobs you plan to use your dump bed insert for, you’ll be able to choose whether aluminum or steel is the material you need!

Helpful Accessories

On top of the dump bed insert itself, there are all kinds of useful accessories out there to help you get the most utility possible out of your truck. For example, tie-downs and leaf toppers are great tools to have on hand that can increase the uses of your dump bed insert. Consider adding these on when you pick your final option!

With a high-quality, well-chosen dump bed insert, you’ll be on the job and ready to handle the challenges of the day ahead! If you’re interested in learning more about dump bed inserts, let Levan Machine and Truck Equipment help you. Contact us today for more information!