What Solutions Does My Landscaping Industry Service Vehicle Need?


As spring returns and things begin to grow again, business for landscaping companies is starting to kick into high gear. It’s time to get ready to start tackling shrubs and busting weeds, but before you do, you need to be sure that all of your equipment is in order, and few pieces of equipment are as important as your truck. Your landscaping service vehicle allows you to get your work done right every single day, and if it isn’t up to the high standards it needs to be, you’ll be struggling with each task you take on. Luckily, as your go-to local machine shop, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment has the service vehicle solutions you need to get the most out of your truck!

Bed Liners

Bed liners elevate your pickup truck bed into the tough, durable tool you need in a tough and dirty industry like landscaping. Our options like spray liners help to protect the bed from rust, corrosion, dirt, and debris, keep your equipment from being damaged, guard against UV rays, and so much more!

Ladder Racks

No kit of landscaping tools is complete without a sturdy ladder to get you up to bothersome tree branches and high hedges, but without the proper transportation methods, traveling with a ladder can be dangerous. You need the correct equipment to secure and store this piece of equipment on the road, like the ladder racks from Levan Machine and Truck Equipment that we can provide and install for you simply and easily!

Storage Systems

Your tools as a landscaper are the bones of what you need to do your job, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a poorly organized mess of equipment in your vehicle, you’ll never be able to provide the kind of results to your customers that you’ll be proud to show off! You don’t have to struggle with storage when you have the help of our team in Fleetwood, PA, however. From shelving and lighting for vans to bins and sliding storage for truck beds, we have the storage systems you need to keep things organized and easy to find in your service vehicle.

Dump Beds

Sometimes, the job is simply bigger than your pickup truck can handle. Whether you’re hauling mulch to a jobsite or taking away a huge pile of clippings and cuttings from a much-needed tidy-up, the versatility and functionality that a dump bed offers you cannot be overstated. With dump bed insert options that will maximize your work potential, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment has you covered. 

Lockable Toolboxes

Disorganization, rain, and dirt aren’t the only things you have to worry about when it comes to having your tools out in the open in your truck bed. You need these valuable pieces of equipment to be secured and safe so that they’re always on hand, and a lockable toolbox is the best way to make that happen! No more will an absent-minded coworker be able to wander off with exactly the tool you need, and your equipment will always be well-protected from the elements as well.


When you’re upfitting your landscaping service vehicle with any of these useful solutions, the most important thing is to find an upfitter with knowledge and experience to help you find just what you need. In the Fleetwood, PA area, Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is the place to go! Make sure to contact us today to discuss your upcoming upfitting project.