When Should I Consider Frame Lengthening or Shortening?

A good work truck is an invaluable resource for anyone with a heavy duty, demanding job. Your vehicle is without a doubt one of the tools that you use most often throughout your day, and you rely on it to fit your needs and give you the capability you require. A work truck that’s not a good fit for your needs, however, is a headache waiting to happen. Nothing will stress you out and decrease your productivity like having to work around a truck that isn’t what you want it to be.


In cases like these, truck modifications like frame lengthening or shortening can be a godsend! Rather than dealing with the expense and hassle of getting a new truck, you can simply alter your existing truck to perform the way you need it to. At Levan Machine and Truck Equipment, we know work trucks inside and out, and we know the many reasons that you might choose to lengthen or shorten your truck frame. Here are a few of the most common!

When You Need More Space

If you’re tight on space in your truck, nothing else will be able to go completely right in your workday. Storage is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle, and is not to be neglected. Lengthening your truck frame to increase the amount of space available to you can be a transformative modification, giving you room for things like built-in lockboxes for security or hauling extra cargo in a single trip.

When You Need Less Weight

If your work driving takes you on a lot of roads with weight limits, a truck that’s too heavy to be permitted becomes a major roadblock. Additionally, if you’re blowing huge amounts of money at the gas pump trying to fuel an inefficient vehicle, you’ll never be fully setting yourself up for success. Shortening the frame of your truck can reduce its weight and increase its fuel efficiency, giving you the flexibility you need to get the job done right!

When You Need More Maneuverability

Anyone who drives a heavy duty work truck knows the dread of staring down a tight turn or a small parking space from behind the wheel. A big, bulky truck might have the muscle you need for a hard day’s work, but the vehicle’s huge footprint and lack of maneuverability can be a serious problem that keeps you from getting where you need to go! Shortening the frame of your truck can give you a major advantage in these cases, improving your handling and expanding the amount of tricky areas and spaces that you can access.


If your work truck isn’t the perfect fit for your needs as a professional, you don’t just have to deal with its imperfections. Let the team at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment help you create the ideal truck for you! Contact us today to learn more